Monday, August 25, 2008

Animation wraps on Madagascar 2

Today, the animation team wrapped up work on Madagascar 2. We had the final dailies this afternoon and boy it was a spectacle. The whole team gathered in the screening room to applaud the last few shots to be final. The head of the department rented a giant Gong to hit when a shot got final. Also, the animation manager dressed up as one of the characters from the movie and played the role the whole time. She wasn't the only one dressed up in costume either. There were several supervising animators dressed up as lions and pirates. A couple of animators had fake mustaches as well. In addition, we had champagne, beer and jello shots. Finally when the last shot was final, the directors banged the Gong and at the same time there were two confetti canons that shot confetti over the whole crowd. It was AMAZING!! They really know how to end a show. It was a great experience.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Home in Cali!!

This is the view from my apartment balcony. There is a heated pool.
I moved in about a week ago to Beach Cove Apartments in Foster City, CA. Here is a couple of photos from my studio apartment and the area around it.

This is the view of my bedroom.

This is the view of my kitchen and living room.

This is the view of my living room.

This is my parking spot.