Monday, October 6, 2008

James Baxter's Animation Workshop

A couple of weeks ago the animation team at PDI/Dreamworks were treated to an amazing lecture series. A 3 day seminar with animation master James Baxter. It was a solid 3 days in the screening and conference rooms. I never saw my desk for the whole period of time. In addition, Dreamworks took the entire animation team and James Baxter out to dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant. It was amazing. James went into detail about acting, wieght and inertia, and cartoony animation. We analized video reference and discussed it. Also, we even had a flipbook creating contest. That was intimidating when you have James Baxter creating a flipbook as well. The whold experience was very inspiring and I learned quite a bit. As an additional treat, James had a special guest come on the last day to discuss acting. ANTONIO BANDERAS!! He was really nice and very excited to discuss animation and acting with us. It will be an exprience that I will remember. Here are some photos from that Seminar.